Green palm co is one of the leading agri-horti companies in india with more than 75 years of services, growing and exporting all kinds of indoor, outdoor, ornamental, fruit plants, form forestry trees, cut flowers, seeds, fertilizers and agro products.

Green palm co with its office at dubai, singapore and malaysia. Have been exporting all kinds of agri-horti products worldwide with wide range of quality. have more than 125 clients worldwide like nurserymen's, landscaping companies, government contractors, nursery wholesalers and plants / trees distributors.

The company's range of services encompasses agri-horti technical guidance and exclusive turnkey plantation projects on alfalfa, eucalyptus, jatropha, casuarinas, stevia, miracle herbal and aromatic plantation on large scale with foreign companies joint venture proposal.

State-of-the-art computerization with fully equipped desks. Experienced professional and doctorate team to take care of the entire plantation. Complete management team with experienced and professional technical advisors on herbal and aromatic plantations. Huge manpower to supervise the plantations. Centrally located office space of 1200 sq ft with more than 30 staffs.

Have more than 30 distributors worldwide to sell our stevia, herbal and aromatic products since we sell our own production and thus quality of the product is assured. Expected turnover during 2011-2012 will be 100 billion $ on form forestry, stevia and other herbal, aromatic extracts. Green palm has world's no:1 proven technology of making any agro forestry trees yield 100% more than the normal yield, which will be used for this plantation.
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